How to Have a Calm and Enjoyable Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a miraculous stage of life, where a woman should feel  nurtured


I’ve always been fascinated with pregnancy - the miraculous ability of a woman to create and nurture new life. However, as my clients share in our sessions, they often feel scared and stressed at this time. There can be too much focus on what could go wrong, and not enough care to make a woman feel at her most nurtured.


What I’ve noticed is that pregnancy changes every single area of a woman’s life. Her body, emotions, work, relationships, creativity and finances. Only paying attention to the medical aspects can miss out on the richness of the experience.


I’ve been treating hundreds of pregnant women for over 13 years and have a passion for helping each pregnancy to be treated as special. Each woman, no matter how healthy she is, or what’s going on in her life, deserves to feel supported, respected and have her needs met.


It’s been said that a happy mother means a happy baby and I’ve seen how true this can be. Generational health has been shown to be so important, so supporting a good pregnancy means improving the wellbeing of the next generation and even the generations beyond.


I think that every woman should have access to not only medical care, but also an approach that puts her at the centre of her experience. That’s why I created the Embodied Pregnancy Programme. So that more women can feel nurtured and empowered in her pregnancy.

The Embodied Pregnancy Programme

I created the Embodied Pregnancy Programme so that you can learn to listen to the deep wisdom of your body, understand your needs and feel supported.


The Embodied Pregnancy Programme is a series of videos and audios that will guide you to safely and sensitively nurture yourself to a calm and grounded experience through the changing times of pregnancy.  


The Embodied Pregnancy Programme consists of practical exercises that you can practice to help to ease discomfort in your body, feel calmer, bond with your baby and manage your emotions. Each exercise is quick and easy, and easy to make a change.


You’ll get 6 webinars so you can ask me questions in real-time and hear the challenges of other pregnant women. Learning from one another is really powerful and helps to you to feel like you’re not alone.


The benefits of having an Embodied Pregnancy are that you:

  • Cultivate your body intuition - so you can learn to respond to your body and understand your emotions

  • Calm your nervous system- so you can feel less stressed

  • Create your support team or network- so you feel nurtured and resourced.

  • Prepare and surrender to the birth process- and be adaptable to the birth journey

  • Create space, during and after pregnancy  - for you and your baby. So that your life expands... even if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and under pressure.


You will feel safe, manage aches and pains, trust your body and ensure you receive the care that you need to have a healthy and happy pregnancy.


You will gain confidence to grow a supportive sisterhood around you, be it in your neighbourhood, amongst existing friendships, or, as so much of modern-life is, online.

You will have access to monthly group calls where you can ask questions and learn from others.


You will learn the art of self-care - a skill that sadly too many people lack. To nurture a baby you need to be nurtured, and the tools will show you the way.


How Will I Know if It is Right for Me?

  • You might think that you don’t have time to implement the recommendations in the Programme. Trust me, I have curated my very best tips that I have honed after treating hundreds of pregnant clients. Each exercise is quick and easy and makes a difference.

  • You might be wondering how the Programme will work for you, if I am not there in person with you. That’s been an important consideration for me to as I want you to feel the same 1 to 1 attention as my in-person clients. People tell me that I am an instantly calm presence and that my voice is soothing. That’s why all of the material is in a video or audio format, so you can have my voice right with you. I believe in showing you how to listen to your own body, which will serve you and your young family more in the long term. It’s so much deeper than handing over your power to a health provider. Your body is far more wise and you are the expert of you- it’s just the tools of listening that you might need to practice.

What Will Happen Once I Join?

After joining the Embodied Pregnancy Programme, you’ll receive an email with your login details and a separate email with your receipt of purchase.


You’ll also receive details of the webinars so you can ask any questions. If you ever have any questions, feel free to reply to any of the emails and I will offer information and support as best as I can.


If all this sounds like what you need and you’re ready to take the next step and join the Embodied Pregnancy Programme, click here.

30 Day Guarantee
Contact us for a prompt and courteous refund if you are unhappy with the Programme for whatever reason.